Podcast Interview Series

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Standing on the Shoulders of Giants. 

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Episode 1: Mrs. Enid Higham.
(Her Early Years, Evan Roberts, Car Crashes, The Bala Church, Times of Blessing, Growing Older Gracefully and More!) 

Episode 2: Mrs. Anne Rees.
(Conversion, Backsliding, Boys, Bad Preaching, Unity in Church and More)

Episode 3: Dr. Paul Tench. Part 1.
(Conversion, The Heart of an Elder, Rwandan Genocide)

Episode 4: Dr. Paul Tench. Part 2.
(Work in Africa, Boko Haram, Isis, Sovereignty of God)

Episode 5: Rev. Andrew Davies.
(Conversion, His Father, Experiencing God, The Holy Spirit in Church)

Episode 6: Mrs. Pam Davies.
(Prayer, Prayer, Prayer!)

Episode 7: Mrs. Elizabeth Ton.
(Passion for God, Lukewarm Christians, message to Pastors)

Episode 8: Dr. Joseph Ton.
(Preaching under an open Heaven, Longing for Power)

Episode 9: Dr. Andy Christofides.
(Forgiveness, EMW, Spirit and Word) 

Episode 10: Clyde and Janice Briggs (Open Doors)
(Counting the Cost for Jesus)

Episode 11: Rev. Allan Rees.
(Conversion, Pouring out of Spirit, Q and A)

Episode 12: Rev. Geoff Thomas
(50 Years in Alfred Place, Aberystwyth)

Episode 13: Rev. Chris Bennett
(Problems with Welsh Evangelicalism, Spirit and Word)

Episode 14: Rev. Dick Lucas
(Anglicanism, Conversion, Proclamation Trust and More)

Episode 15: Rev. Stuart Olyott
(Current Work, Real Preaching, A Sobering Danger, Prayer)

Episode 16: Rev. Philip Eveson
(Conversion, Quiet times, Meetings of power)