How you can Help

Dear all,


I am very thankful to the Lord for allowing me several years pastoring the church at Ogmore Vale. It’s been a wonderful time. As the Lord moves me on, the church would like me to provide stability for the short, medium and long term. I have been talking with various church leaders and other individuals to see what support they could offer. 


I want to stress, however, the church’s priority is to prayerfully seek a pastor. That is the end goal. Ideally this would be a full-time position, but the church also has funds available for a part-time position, perhaps sharing a pastor with another church.

In the short to medium term Kevin and Wendy Taylor have been asked by the church to take care of the day to day running of the work during the transition period.  With them in place I propose the following draft plan whilst the church looks for a pastor. The church suggests this lasts for a term of 6 months.  This is to include:

1.     Kevin and Wendy will oversee the church diary, but they might also need regular support. Whilst Calvary members can offer their support to Kevin and Wendy for admin work, finances, deaconate jobs etc. they might also need external support and advice for various other ministry related things. What kind of support could you offer to Kevin and Wendy?

2.     Kevin and Wendy will oversee the pulpit ministries to ensure regular preaching and teaching that is suitable for Ogmore Vale. At present that would be four Sunday mornings and evenings per month and four Wednesday Bible studies. If needed Kevin could lead the services and hand over to visiting speakers for the sermon. Are you able to offer any commitment to preaching over the next 6 months?

3.     Kevin and Wendy will oversee the outreach ministries, such as the parent & toddlers’ group on Tuesday, and the youth clubs on Thursday. They will liaise with teams that are already in place. We have already had an offer of help from Caleb in Grace Church for Thursday.  But there might also be times when other speakers and leaders are needed. Are there ways that you could support these ministries?


The three points do not cover every area of church life. Should anything arise that is not covered within the boundary of the three points the members at Calvary will make decisions as and when needed with regards to, for example, our seasonal meetings and extra charity events.

As these next six months progress I trust that it will give opportunities to see how best Calvary can be served long term and whether to continue in the transition arrangement or to call its own pastor.

If there are churches or individuals that are giving regular assistance to Calvary, then the church is in a position to pay expenses or to give monthly contributions.

Once again, I’m very grateful for your willingness to offer help.  Please could you consider the above points and reply as fast as you can.


Many thanks, Owen Batstone